Malcolm Reynolds (in_the_latin) wrote in theskyport,
Malcolm Reynolds

Big Damn Heroes: Part 1

So, Denouement and the Philosophers have let Serenity off the hook, but not before they took one of their own back into the flock. Is Serenity going to take this standing down?

Not if the captain has anything to say about it.

Anyway, this is the preliminary planning for Kaoru's rescue. Before they can bust down doors and play the role of Big Damn Heroes, they'll need information first. If your character has any way to research Bydan, suspicious cargo, or ~*~hidden experiments~*~, hit us up here. We'll work with you to see what your character knows, and they can share the information with the rest of the crew. As for characters with more brawn than brains...well, the footwork needed for this may lead to some nastier parts of town or some thugs that need to be taken down. However, a word of warning: Denouement's got their eyes on you guys. While there will be plenty of time for dashing heroics and practical applications for mayhem later, right now the name of the game is subtlety. Keep that in mind before you guys get into trouble.

As for the timing, we'll assume this takes place shortly after the Hegua Lake rescues. If there's any other questions or comments, lay 'em on us
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