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And the Amestris has landed! The city has been more than happy to help set up the show, and security has been put on high alert to prevent any more unfortunate mishaps. Appropriate logs will be made soon, but first, let's get to know the artists and their works:

Urist McPainter: A demihuman painter who used to live in a society within the Badlands Mountains with other members of his race before moving to Garrettstown. He is short and stocky, with a marvelous thick beard. Urist uses broad, thick brush strokes, and his painting uses a more abstract style than those of the other painters. He is best known for painting battle scenes and the art for this gallery depict struggles between man and monster.

Thefin Donuzemel: Descended from nomadic travelers who settled on the outskirts of Colvus, Thefin is a farm boy who's made it big. His media of choice are urban murals and traditional paintings with rural subject matters. His gallery will comprise of paintings that show the brutal effects of monster attacks on farmers and ranchhands.

Aye Celeromi: A tall demihuman with pointed ears. Originally from the forests around Bydan, Aye got his start in painting when he was a child and excelled at the art. Using watercolors, he primarily paints nature scenes. A surefire way to tell you're looking at a Celeromi painting is if the humans have pointed ears. Celeromi's paintings focus on the Badlands landscape and how recent monster activity has upset the natural balance. Celeromi has stated that he will not be at the gallery due to "spiritual reasons," however, he may be found near the Amestris and in town.

Snang Ukgelungo: Ukgelungo looks like a monster: short with yellowish green skin, pointed ears, and jagged teeth that stick out of his mouth. He comes from Erealia and is known for the absurd amount of detail he puts into his work. Ukelungo favors oil paint and is best known for painting the castles of Erealia. For this gallery, he has painted several monsters he's seen in the Badlands.

Kirbin: A small demihuman with rat-like features. Kirbin was born and raised in Solare. Her family was extremely poor and struggled day to day to survive. Kirbin began painting with paint she made herself, depicting the poverty around her. Kirbin is well known for her linework, done with expert brush strokes. She chose no theme for her paintings, instead painting a variety of subjects inspired by the recent events.

As of note, none of these artists are particularly well known outside of their own specific circles. The show's organizers hope that a focus on "diamonds in the rough" as opposed to big name artists will mean that more attention is paid on the subject matter than any perceived prestige.

As always, questions and comments are welcome. Anyone with a character directly involved with the show should post here; perhaps a security team member or a quartermaster who's keeping an eye out for ne'er-do-wells, or a coordinator who wants to give the artists an especially warm welcome. If you're interested in your characters having direct contact with the artists or the show for other reasons, tell us and we'll try and work something out.
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