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the things I do for you, TST.

Alright so it is the 31st of December here already! Which means it's that wonderful time of the year where I do a tl;dr thing up here proclaiming my eternal love for this place, despite whatever else I may say. So yes, uh... well. As usual, I love you all TST and to display said eternal love and affection, I have come with my celebratory gift for all of you people : The TST Timeline of 2009... part two. In other words, that one OCD table thing that details events that take place in game from June to December 2009.

So once more as always, I've tried my best to be general and all that jazz and please please please do inform me in this post if I've missed anything! There's only so much one person can notice even if I do nothing but lurk here and I will really appreciate it if you brought my attention to anything that you see that is particularity impactive to a certain ship or the whole game in general. Even the events that lead up to highlighted events are also fine! Though I will have to judge to see if it's alright, just so you all know. For newer players, the previous timeline is located here, and that post has another like to the one before it.

Thus with that said, again I'll take this chance to say how much TST means to me, and how you all have been awesome people and with equally awesome mods. I'm glad I joined this game, and met each and everyone of you wonderful people. You are all great, and remember to stay great as the new year comes.


- warmest adoration and ♥, Knightblazer

Part II - otherwise called that One Crazy OCD Timeline for June to December 2009


Winding Way
Victoria II

JUNE 2009

1STIvona as of now is in a state of chaos within the citizens - Byron Tolsade is dead and Wilsborough has only started his sudden term of office, only made all the worse as Unification Day draws close.
UNIFICATION DAYAlex Rowe gives himself up to the authorities and tries to inform the new president of Ivona about Denouncement - unfortunately Wilsborough is an idiot, and decides to use this as a reason to start launching an offensive against Joseph Falls.
6THWhile on the way to their destination, the fear gas that's loaded onboard the Fiertia has leaked - and that leads to a whole load of trouble.
7THThe Gearship Motor's Annual Plane Racing competition is soon about to start once more, and the flyers all over are creating quite the buzz on the network.
8THThe Victoria II docks in Bellcius.
13THFrom their own respective places, all five ships meet at the Northern Badlands to take part in the plane races.
15THIn preparation for their upcoming performance, the crew of the Winding Way get ready in gear for their auditions in the encore of the Steel Samurai play!

JULY 2009

2NDIt's a nighttime bonfire party! Come for the grilled food and dancing, stay for the people and the toasted marshmallows~
3RDIn where an unknown saboteur attacks the hangar and is on the run with people on his tail.
4THThe qualifiers for the Gearship Motor's Annual Plane Racing competition is soon to start! Expect loads and loads of chaos to come from this.
4THAn attack has been ordered, but it finds the wrong target. Old memories are like ghosts, and ghosts are like old memories. Nothing in this world is chance. And in the aftermath, its effects ripple out to affect countless.
17THThe finals of the Gearship Motor's Annual Plane Racing competition has ended, and it concludes with Muguruma Kensei as the unexpected top, followed by Souji Seta and then Kurosaki Ichigo.
18THAfter the races are over and the awards are given, its time for the celebrations to begin!
18THEdgeworth is about to get into some serious trouble in one highly-charged poker game.
18THEdgeworth and Ocelot have a chance meeting after their poker match. Ocelot is unsatisfied with the results, but not for the reasons one might expect.
18THOne target to slay. One assassin to do the job. One incident that sets fate into motion.
18TH Apollo finds his former mentor half-dead and bleeding all over in the aftermath of an not!assassination attempt.
21STWith everything over and done with, the 4423 departs first towards Licere for a well-deserved break in their all-famous hot springs. All expenses paid too, thanks to the prize.
24THThe Fiertia departs next en route to Bydan in order to get their plane fixed... again. Not that the trip is all-too pleasant, given the lifetime supply of durians now loaded into it thanks to Souji.
27THThe Winding Way departs towards its next destination.
29THThe 4423 arrives at Licere for a nice good vacation after everything's that happened to them. Hot springs of course, are a must.
31STHijikata and Roy finally locate the missing first mate... in a prison cell. Cue much annoyance and grump, plus some bonus stuff.
31STEdgeworth has some explaining to do to von Karma regarding his disappearance.


1STThe Fiertia arrives at Bydan for repairs and stocking up for their next mission.
4THThe Winding Way makes its stop at currently not-snowy Tulgim after passing by a rather vicious thunderstorm.
5THAlex Rowe orders the Silvana to fly out towards the Badlands for patrols, in order to do their part in maintaining the fragile peace between the nations and the Badlands.
6THKristoph arises after the assassination attempt on him, and who else would visit him but one Kamotaro Itou.
7THThe crew of the 4423 find themselves unwittingly being part of the 'Super Ship Sleuth' game show - where with 500 dubloons and a month's time, a dream is going to be realized.
8THThe Fiertia arrives at Tulgim for their next mission after receiving it from Falls - to locate one Griffith Reif.
12THWith the first mate now currently out of commission, all hell breaks loose within the Victoria II. And one of them happens to be an unexpected visit from Death itself.
LUNASADuring their patrol around the Badlands borders, the Silvana's engine breaks down mysteriously and the ship is forced to make an emergency landing to see what's wrong with it.
LUNASAThe Winding Way is having a party on Lunasa night, and has invited the Fiertia over to celebrate with them. Let the fun and games commence.
LUNASATeam Fail strikes yet again - this time in a daring attempt to kidnap the captain of the 4423. Too bad the crew is hardly the best at following any form of instructions, even ransom demands.
LUNASADoc and Holly think they have everything figured out in their little escapade. However, the crew of the 4423 has other plans instead.
27THAfter everything that's happened, the Victoria II finally receives their next mission - which unfortunately for some of the crew, has to make them head to the nearby lands of Erealia.
29THAs the Silvana itself starts to get more and more violent without reason, eventually the root cause if discovered: the Claudia Drive has been possessed by a ghost.
30THIsako now rescued and everything proper once again, the 4423 takes towards the Erealian skies in search for a new ship to pillage.


2NDThe Victoria II arrives at Erealia to prepare for their next mission.
12THThe ghost that has been haunting the Claudia Drive is revealed to be none other than the murdered crew member Jean Morris, and steps are taken in order to deal with the situation.
16TH One of the mines in Tulgim has collapsed, and while crew members of the Fiertia and the Winding Way get out to help, a second cave-in happens and traps the rescuers within.
19THRecovering from the cave-ins, the officers and captain of the Fiertia finally manage to locate Reif and proceed to wrangle him out.
24THYuri and Erza finally (finally) manage to meet up with Reif and deliver Falls' message.
25THAlex and several other members of the Silvana make their move in order to get rid of the ghost haunting the Claudia Drive.
26THNearing their targeted ship, the crew of the 4423 prepares themselves for their task ahead.
27THTheir job finally done and completed, the Fiertia now takes off towards Erealia for their next job - protecting an ambassador from there to Ivona.
30THHearing news about one Finneas Magentabeard, L decides to take the Winding Way to the Badlands town of Jinkston in order to confront and capture him for some fast cash.


12THThe Victoria II finally receives their job after a long wait; to protect the royal ambassador (and accompanying) prince from attacks as they are escorted over to Bellcius by them.
15THJust as they leave the island to head to Ivona, the Victoria II and the Fiertia meet - for better or for worse, they both were hired to do the same job.
16THThe 4423 approaches their target ship - and much to the crew's chagrin, it happens to be the ship that both the Victoria II and the Fiertia are in charge of protecting.
16THWhat everyone's been waiting for - the long awaited follow up for the battle between the Victoria II and the 4423! Epic battles and shounen swordfights will be the highlight of this event. Its the log of the year!
16THIn the middle of their very heated battle, the whole tide abruptly changes when the prince residing in the ambassador's ship has been kidnapped. Both the Victoria II and the Fiertia regroup in order to give chase, giving the 4423 a chance to escape.
16THAs they try to chase down the princenapper, the Victoria II and the Fiertia find themselves forced to pull back when a swarm of Sky Sharks abruptly appear and send them off track. Following that they receive orders to bring the ambassador back to Bellcius - without attempting to rescue the prince.
18THThe Winding Way arrives at Jinkston.
22NDThe prized treasure of Jinkston - the Golden Fleece - has been stolen, and its up to the crew members of the Winding Way to find the culprit - even if its one among their own number.
29THIn an attempt of a gesture in goodwill, L invites several of the town's local residents to board their ship in order to clear all suspicion against them... it backfires however when part of their engine has been disabled, leaving them stranded as a strange fog begins to roll in.


3RDAgrias manages to get some information that concerns Denouncement, and Alex immediately mobilizes the Silvana in order to head to their new destination and see evidence of this.
7THAfter managing to escape from a rather sticky fate, the 4423 finally arrives back at Colvus.
9THForced to withdraw due to the higher-ups, both the Victoria II and the Fiertia docks at Bellcius to regroup.
16THStill grounded in Jinkston, the Winding Way finds themselves victim of a kidnapper... and quite literally, at that.
16THAwakened by the alarms, the crew of the Winding Way attempt to battle against the ones who have invaded their ship - however, their foes prove to be much more than they can handle.
17THDespite their best efforts, the fighters of the Winding Way find themselves evenly matched... and at the end, they lose one of their greatest friends.
17THThe Winding Way's brave warriors met their match, and are licking their wounds. Come grieve with them, or alternately, galvanize their asses into getting stronger.
17THThe kidnapped ones find themselves awakening to nothing but questions... and perhaps something else altogether.
17THManaging to capture one of their attackers, the crew of the Winding Way goes all out to interrogate him.
27THAs Yuri takes leave from the Fiertia for the evening to do his own business, the crew decide to have a nice get-together dinner party for themselves.
27THUnder orders from von Karma, Edgeworth sets out with his trusted officers in order to arrest the vigilante captain of the Fiertia, Yuri Lowell.
30THHaving arrived at their destination, members of the Silvana mobilize in order to take down their supposed Demouncement member.
30THWile Alex busies himself with questioning their (quite mentally unstable) leader, the crew finds themselves contented with a whole bunch of robots marching out from under the barn.


1STIsako manages to threaten get a treasure map, securing their next job and their course for one of the small islands out of Reial.
3RDThe Winding Way decides to make a stop around the outskirts of Garettstown in order to recover and prepare for the battle to come.
7THNews of Yuri's arrest has reached the Fiertia and without the captain it falls onto their first mate Unicorn Saint Jabu to try and keep things straight. To of course hilarious results.
8THWith most of the fighters healed, it's time for them to go and hone their skills and abilities for the second showdown.
10THHaving fled from Bellcius for their safety, the Fiertia makes their stop at Garettstown - or to be more precise, the Wild Geese headquarters - where they recover and plan on what to do next.
10THWelcome to the headquarters of one of Reial's most (in)famous mercenary crew, the Wild Geese.
11THWith the coming of an unexpected miracle, the Winding Way finds themselves with one less thing to grieve over now.
12THArriving at their location, the crew of the 4423 immediately starts to set out in search of their treasure.
12THWhile preparing for their treasure hunt, the 4423 finds their plans taking an abrupt change when the entire island begins to crumble and in a twist of fate, find themselves playing hero to save the stranded.
12THPilot of the Silvana Nena Trinity has fled the ship after a psychological attack on her. Alex calls for her retrieval, and Yami pairs up with Ryuuken in order to pursue after her, with some other unexpected help.
13THTheir time quickly running out, the crew of the Winding Way piece together the information they have in order to locate where Girta is.
13THFinally managing to find the castle, the fighters of both the Winding Way and the Fiertia combine in order to save the ones who had been captured.
13THWhile the invasion happens, Grita orders for the kidnapped to be taken to the machine to have their powers drained. Unfortunately for her, things do not go as planned.
13THIt's the final showdown! Grita has just landed on the deck of the Winding Way, and it's up to the defenders to put a stop to her evil plans!
13THManaging to rescue the villagers and unexpectedly finding themselves being heroes, the 4423 return to Colvus for the Long Night season.
13THIt's the day after Nena returned to the Silvana. She's waking up for the first time, to be greeted by none other then Doctor Kurosaki Isshin.
THE LONG NIGHTFinally done with their mission, the Silvana takes towards Licere for a well-needed break after everything that's happened.
THE LONG NIGHTAfter a long run of battles and trials and tribulations, Grita is finally defeated and the combined fighters of both the Winding Way and the Fiertia return triumphant.
THE LONG NIGHTWith the holiday in full swing, the Fiertia finds themselves not at the end of all problems as one of their passengers - Howl - decides to go haywire and effectively slimes up the whole ship.
THE LONG NIGHTWith the whole of the Fiertia all slimed up, it's up to the team of three gorgeous woman, one loli girl and one guy to solve this crisis once and for all.
THE LONG NIGHTDespite their victory, the Winding Way discovers that their troubles are not over, as Ichigo loses control over his inner Hollow for the first time.
THE LONG NIGHTThe 4423 find themselves in a spot of trouble as Cheagles decide to run rampant around Colvus. Things only get worse when some of them take a liking to Vohemar's strong rum.
THE LONG NIGHTStuck in jail, Yuri acquaints himself with the other fellow cellmates that he's stuck with. Along with other notable characters.
22NDMaking up for all the times they've missed, the 4423 has a drinking party for the end of the Long Night season! Expect lulz and hijinks to commence.
22NDRufus holds a post-Long Night dinner party for all on the Silvana, and everyone is more than invited to attend. Though with a crew like this, it may not be such a good idea.
23RDFilled with guilt over what he had done, Ichigo takes leave from the Winding Way Yoruichi finds him and directs him towards the people who he can seek help from - the Vaizards.
24THWith the Long Night ended and everyone well enough from the ordeal, the Winding Way leaves for Licere.
30THThe Silvana docks at Licere after a long journey.
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