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The Sky Tides Mods

It's that time of year again! Lunasa. For everyone who wasn't in game last year or who doesn't remember you can get a refresher at our Holidays Page. It's a harvest celebration mostly spent with family, close friends and loved ones. There are holiday feasts and lots of fun! It is also sometimes an occasion to exchange painted rocks in addition to gifts.

Also of note, last year on Lunasa there was a bombing that hit the 4423, Winding Way and Victoria II. For people who like torturing von Karma this is when he got his eyepatch (yar!). Several ships were completely destroyed and many people lost their lives.

The tone all over Reial is one of cautious optimism. There is a remembrance for the fallen, but a year has healed a few wounds.

Feel free to use this post to list what gifts your characters will be sending to others for the holiday!

ETA: We will be celebrating from August 23 - August 29 in game, but Lunasa itself only takes place on August 23rd!
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