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UH HEY THERE TST. Knightblazer or AKA that one crazy youngster who lacks a life and really needs to have a better hobby other than lurking in this RP here once again. As most of us are so very aware, the anniversary of this most wonderful roleplay is soon about to arrive! And as your resident lurker/stalker and glorified chat uke it is thus my duty to do something extremely fail and so with that thought I thus present to you all The TST Timeline of 2009... part one, or simply that very classy table diagram of events from January until May.

Again, I've tried to be as general as possible here, but being the failure that I am I would have most likely overlooked something and blah blah blah. So if you fine people do spot anything That Should Be Added, please do inform me here and I will immediately rectify this error. For those who weren't here earlier, there's the time line for last year right here, so feel free to catch up with just about everything in 13.571 minutes.

So before I show it, let me take this opportunity to give a nice little shout out from me to all of you awesome people and especially to the mods who made this game possible. Thank you all so much, and know that despite everything I say and do I will always love you all.


- once again with loads of ♥♥♥, Knightblazer

...AKA the brief recap thing of general events from January to May.


Winding Way
Victoria II


1STA new year arrives for Reial and its inhabitants.
7THDoc and Holly successfully chased off and Mew delivered to their client, the 4423 head off to their next destination: a town in the Badlands.
8THArriving at the elusive Candy Mountain, members of the Winding Way split up to search the place and of course, to bring back candy.
8THThe Network goes into an uproar - again - this time over the new legislation by the mayors of Vohemar requiring demihumans to pay for their innocence.
9THThe Silvana departs from Garrettstown towards the southern Badlands, to eliminate the pirate vessels that have been preying upon the cargo ships there.
10THvon Karma has been assigned a new mission by the government after a long overdue, and the Victoria II departs Bellcius at once to accomplish it. The mission: to take down the Rockgala, reportedly the home of a ring of illegal monster traders.
12THThe 4423 arrives in the Badlands town of Doma.
13THThe weekly Doma Chocobo race is held, with a special twist into the game this time - that's right, its the amateurs race, and anyone is welcome to join the game.
17THFinishing their latest mission, Isako finally makes the decision for the ship to go back to its roots of pirating and sets a course for the skies in-between Reial and Kropmork-Nhak in order to target on an unsuspecting ship.
23RDCrew members of the Victoria II arrive at northern Ivona, where they thus begin their infiltration mission.
23RDAs the mission progresses, the ship itself as well as the crew members of the Victoria II that have opted to stay behind while the mission is on find themselves under attack by Yeti-fied Chocobo Eaters.
27THUnable to negotiate a surrender, the Silvana engages a trio of pirate vessels in combat in the skies of the Southern Badlands.
29THThe 4423 manages to get a merchant ship down in the skies near Kropmork-Nhak, and the crew quickly moves in to pillage whatever they can before the ship falls completely. In the aftermath, crew members Pip Bernadette and Greed accidentally get stranded and separated from the crew.


4THThe crew of the mercenary ship Fiertia head out on their latest mission on the outskirts of Kropmork-Nhak : the breaking-in and retrieval for an 'item'. Let the hijinks commence.
9THReports of the Badlands town of Doma being fully and wholly dead due to its residents being killed by poisoned water in their waterworks leads to the 4423 being suspected and brought back to Berum for questioning. The whole network gets into an uproar, and Beat, Anko, Pip and Greed have their names struck off the records of the ship for their safety.
12THThe Winding Way docks at Kropmork, and the crew members are granted shore leave until further notice.
16THMaking the decision to face the music, the 4423 arrives in Berum and the entire crew is detained for questioning.
17THInvestigators interrogate the 4423 crew one by one. Expect loads of shouting, anger and violence.
23RDThe Silvana goes en route to Kropmork-Nhak after defeating the pirates and salvaging the ships.
23RDTo celebrate their defeat of the pirate scum, Shinjiro cooks a big meal. However some of the guests are there to cause trouble.

MARCH 2009

2NDAfter delays by blizzards and other whatnots, the Victoria II docks back in Bellcius just before the Amicus season.
3RDThe interrogation over, the crew members of the 4423 have their journals returned to them... as they face their next hurdle as they're being escorted over to Ivona in their vessel.
5THDespite certain difficulties, the Silvana eventually arrive at Kropmork and the crew is given shore leave for Amicus.
AMICUSThe crew of the Fiertia is assigned their latest job - a not so glamorous one involving the manhunt of two rather annoying troublemakers.
AMICUSDoc & Holly strike again - this time in the theft of fireworks, as the crew of the Fiertia chase them around the island.
AMICUSRight on time for Amicus, the Winding Way has opened the Gunsmoke bar and eatery! Come in for a more subdued place to enjoy the holiday, with good food, drinks, and dancing!
9THWhile en route to Ivona, the crew members of the 4423 finally locate their own Lunasa bomber - a carpenter by the name of Bob William Darr and decide to use him as a negotiation for their current state.
10THAlerted by Sasuke Uchiha's latest journal post, Edgeworth goes to von Karma to inform him about this current situation.
10THNegotiations successful, the 4423 is spared from being sent to Ivona, but have their loot from the last raid taken away instead. Now free, Isako decides to go to Trewe to plot their next move.
11THCelebrations done, L commands for the Winding Way to take off for their next destination - Claiborne, the city that had been under attack by zombies back after Lunasa last year.
12THThe 4423 docks at Trewe.
13THAfter everything's that happened to them (and now finally free), the crew of the 4423 decide that its high time for them to get smashed the good ol' fashioned way.
15THWith the Amicus season over and the Silvana all prepped up again, a slightly disgruntled Alex sets course for the ship to head to Bellcius.
16THUnder orders from Edgeworth, Hijikata goes to arrest, detain and question one Sasuke Uchiha.
16THWhile Hijikata's busy detaining and questioning Sasuke, Edgeworth has a nice... chat with the other available suspect Might Gai.
17THThe network breaks into a collection of outbursts as a man named Joseph Falls makes a cry for the unification in the Badlands from the journals.
17THWhile on the way to Claiborne, the Winding Way goes under siege from the inside... by perfectly crafted human puppets.
17THManaging to survive the attack, however the Winding Way is forced to make an emergency landing as they recover from the onslaught.
20THWith their job completed and the Amicus season over, the Fiertia takes to the skies towards the Badlands for their latest job escapade.
24THWhile on the way to Bellcius, the Silvana faces a most unexpected infestation of all things - Tribbles.
26THEdgeworth calls all the boatswains into his quarters for a discussion regarding ship security and the recent happenings, as well as their potential traitors.
26THWhile the officers attend a super secret meeting with the first mate, Takano takes the opportunity to torture the crew politely ask the crew to tidy up the ship.
31STThe Fiertia docks at Garrettstown, where an air of unease settles over in light of Joseph Fall's recent cry.

APRIL 2009

1STIsako prepares the 4423 for its next profit, this time taking a more dangerous venture - harvesting lightning via a conductor rod whose's location in the bathrooms leaves the crew rather to be desired.
3RDYuri manages to find a job for the Fiertia - transport duty of stuff that freight ships usually can't or won't carry, but first the crew and ship has to head to Claiborne.
4THWhile the Winding Way continues to recover from their attack, Vash the Stampede decides its high time to leave. L however isn't going to let the First Mate flee so easily and drags back his first mate to the Winding Way, by hook or by crook.
4THWhile L and Vash are settling their own issues away from the Way, the ship and its crew find themselves defending from under an unexpected attack by Finneas Magentabeard and his ship.
6THThe 4423 crew goes lightning harvest for some quick money. But will they survive the tumulus storm? Stay tuned to find out.
7THAfter finally ridding the ship of Tribbles, the Silvana arrives at Bellcius.
10THMuch to von Karma's disgust, the Victoria II is sent out on a patrol in Solare in order to keep an eye on potential troublemakers there.
11THAfter managing to defend their ship form the attack, the Winding Way is forced to shift destinations and docks in Bydan instead to repair their badly damaged ship.
11THA message from the Bellcius Intelligence Division arrives on the Winding Way - and the message's contents are more than bad.
11THJoseph Falls makes another uprising announcement with his contiuned cry of the unification of the Badlands.
18THIn where L and Joshua discuss about certain things pertaining to a certain message.
18THThe Victoria II docks at Solare.
19THThe 4423 docks at Bydan in order to return their equipment, repair their ship and get some cash after a successful harvest of lightning.
20THYuri is forced to leave the ship and her dangerous cargo (fear gas) alone in order to go and have a talk with their current employer - none other than Joseph Falls himself. While he's gone, the Fiertia finds herself infiltrated by mysterious intruders out for the gas.
22NDAlex receives orders from the Prime Minister of Ivona for him to break into the Parliament Building in Bellcius and bug the place to gather evidence of certain members of the Ivonan Parliamentary Assembly being in bed with a certain terrorist organization and exposing them for their crimes. While several of the crew members remain behind for this task, the rest of the Silvana head to Solare as an alibi under the guise of delivering humanitarian aid.
25THWhile preparing for their mission of apprehending certain suspects (a mage guild in the city called Clan Veluga) thought to have aided in the Kropmork Assassinations, the Victoria II find themselves infiltrated and under attack.
30THThe Silvana docks at Solare.

MAY 2009

3RDThe remaining crew of the Silvana (plus Alex) break into the Parliament building in the middle of the night to get on their business - bugging the damn place.
8THHaving managed to convince Falls to abandon the idea, the Fiertia is forced to ground at Claiborne in order to repair their ship before setting off to get rid of their dangerous cargo.
15THThe Winding Way puts on some street plays to stir up interest and to highlight certain political events of late. Let's hope all goes well!
21STTheir objectives on both sides complete, the Silvana departs from Solare and back towards Bellcius.
21STA horde of cactuars appear to storm Bydan, and its up to both the 4423 and the Winding Way's crew members to defend the town and their ships!
22NDMaking no reprieve, the Silvana immediately prepares itself once docking at Bellcius and soon departs to Claiborne.
24THAfter escaping Etna's clutches, the four prinnies reek havoc upon the ship! It is up to the crew of the Fiertia to capture these little brats before Etna ends up accidentally denoting them and the ship as well.
26THRoy Mustang holds a group date party right in Hijikata's office as a means for everyone to know each other a little better. Hijinks are bound to ensue.
27THWith the repairs of the ship finally done, the Fiertia takes off towards out of the continent itself on their next mission - getting rid of the fear gas in their cargo.
27THThe Bellcius Government Building is bombed - the bombs being the 'tracking devices' that the members of the Silvana unwittingly put - and in the chaos of everything one thing is clear - the President of the Ivona nation Byron Tolsade is dead.
27TH Upon hearing the news about the bombings, von Karma decides its high time for the Victoria II to return to Bellcius - which is of course what they're going to do.
30THFormer Ivonian president Byron Tolsade is buried in the national graveyard on Memorial Hill amongst tears of grief and sadness as the torch is passed onto the former vice-president Wilsborough who takes the stand as the nation's newest president.
31STWeighted heavily by the guilt of what he had unwittingly done, Alex leaves the Silvana with the intention of giving himself up to the authorities. His crew however isn't going to just let him go like this.

NOTICE: Part TWO of the timeline is now available here.
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