Gin Ichimaru (inyourmidst) wrote in theskyport,
Gin Ichimaru

Attention Winding Way~

[The following announcement has been delivered by messenger pigeon* after the puppet attack on the Winding Way, shortly before reaching their next port.]

To the Captain, First Mate, Crew and Passengers of the Winding Way;

This is an official advisory from the Bellcius Intelligence Division [BID] in regards to an individual by the name of Yoshiya Kiryuu who our records indicate has previously requested passage aboard your vessel. It is our duty to inform you that this person is currently under investigation by our department in relation to his possible involvement in several crimes in the Bellcius and Melior regions, including theft, blackmail, fraud, and murder. For the safety of your crew we request that you deny passage to this individual until the duration of our investigation is complete, and the accused is either cleared of the charges or proven guilty and tried in a court of law.

If you have any information regarding any of the aforementioned crimes, or wish to report suspicious behaviour, there is a reward of 100 francs for any new or critical information**.

We thank you for your cooperation.

-- BID

* BID's official messenger system involves Badlands Pigeons, which are about four feet tall and capable of carrying small children, which they sometimes do if a message needs to be delivered verbally and confidentially. In this case, however, the pigeon simply dropped off a bad full of posters, all bearing a artists' sketch of Joshua, their official symbol, and the above message.

** There's a tiny disclaimer down the bottom which reads: "The value of payment for any information is subject to approval by Investigation Officer Major Toshirou Hijikata."

Unfortunately Mister Kiryuu is currently unavailable for comment as his journal is currently suffering technical difficulties (Read: Gin messed with it) so any communications sent his way will go woefully unanswered. 8D

This plot is mod-approved, and unfortunately for Josh the charges and the paperwork are all quite real. However, anyone attempting to inquire into further details of the investigation will be politely rebuffed, given vague answers, or simply get nothing at all.
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