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'sup Skytides. KB here for her final post of the year with a little something from me to all of you that will hopefully be helpful in the future or the near future. If you're in chat you may have heard about me ramble about this over and over (especially today) already. That's right - after weeks of procrastination, hours of slacking and another few more actually doing it... I thus present to you the TST Timeline of 2008. That is, from June to December OR from the beginning of the game until now.

I've tried my best to be as general as possible here and hopefully I've covered the general plot events thus far but if there's anything the mods or anyone feel that's lacking (as in GENERAL PLOT EVENTS, not characters) please do contact me and I'll update it. That aside though, I present to you the timeline! Hope you all find it useful. |D;

Before I show it however, first please do allow me to wish all of you TST-ers (since its gonna be the 31st in about an hour here) an early and a very...


Always keep bein' awesome, and I love ya all. Peace out.

- with loads of ♥, Knightblazer.

OR : a not-so brief recap on general events from June to December


Winding Way
Victoria II

JUNE 2008

3RDThe Winding Way arrives at Bellcius to prepare for their play Gunning for the Rose.
UNIFICATION DAYGunning For The Rose kicks off to a great start, as the actors prepare themselves for one heck of a drama.
UNIFICATION DAYAn introductory smarm match between Edgeworth and Jade Curtiss gets sidetracked by a certain fainting Admiral.
14THVohemar vessel 4423 raids a merchant ship in Inovian airspace.
15THA leak from the 4423 occurs, and the Victoria II is prompted into action.
16THThe Winding Way leaves Bellcius and heads to Claiborne; Kurt is also forced away by his mother, leaving Vash the Stampede in charge of a troublesome ship.
20THBattle between the Victoria II and the 4423 occurs, with the Vohemar vessel managing to flee to the Badlands crossing the border.
20THRyohei unleashes a dough monster that brings the whole crew of the Victoria II there.
21STThe 4423 docks in Bydan for a day to access damages.
21STThe Winding Way has an head-on encounter with a Sky Whale, but manages to escape unharmed.
22NDThe 4423 docks at Colvus; Isako and Naoto goes to visit the mayor.
23RDThe Victoria II arrives back in Bellcius; von Karma is summoned to Parliament.
24THKurt returns to the Winding Way... and demands some explanation.
25THBoth the 4423 and the Victoria II are made to go to Kropmork in order to be present for peace talks which will be held there.
25THThe Winding Way docks in Claiborne and leaves rather soon after that.
30THAll three vessels arrive in Kropmork.

JULY 2008

10THInvitations for the banquet for the peace talks are issued to the crew members of the Victoria II and the 4423.
11THThe ball commences... and ends in disaster with the murder of the two nation's delegates.
17THAll three vessels depart from Kropmork to their respective destinations.
25THThe 4423 and the Winding Way arrives at Berum, with the latter ship preparing for their next play: an adaptation of Steel Samurai.
27THThe Victoria II arrives at Melior.


1STA sudden storm strikes where the Victoria II is, forcing the ship to push back their due departure.
11THLights, camera, action! The live performance of the Steel Samurai comes to life by the talented crew of the Winding Way.
12THStaying only long enough to catch the play, the 4423 leaves the town towards their next place.
14THThe play done and everything wrapped up, the Winding Way departs for its next destination.
16THAfter delays by sudden thunderstorms, the Victoria II finally departs Melior en route back to Bellcius.
20THThe Victoria II arrives back to Bellcius just as the Luansa season comes around the corner, and the crew is given shore leave.
LUNASAThe 4423 crashes into the Badlands after one of their steam pipes connected to the engine has a leak and floods the entire ship. Beat, Greed and Winry Rockbell also go MIA after the crash, and the crew splits to between finding them, repairing the ship and guarding the area.
25THvon Karma has received word of the 4423 crashing into the Badlands, and immediately orders the Victoria II to depart for the course of his own revenge.
25THThe trio manage to survive the fall, and they start on their way to find where the ship crashed.
25THThe Winding Way reaches to where the 4423 is after getting a distress call from one of their crew members; the captains meet, and a rescue effort is put together.
25THAfter hours of searching, the trio is finally found by the search party.
25THWith their enemy so close, the von Karma requests for them to surrender or face combat... however all changes when all three ships are suddenly under bombing attacks within their vessels.
25THvon Karma is out, and the ship barely in one piece, Edgeworth orders for the ship to stop in the arrest of the 4423 and instead turns for Clairborne in order to access and repair the damages.
25THThe wayward sons (and daughters?) finally are reunited after the bombing incident.
26THWith the threat of the Victoria II gone and the ship in a rickety condition, the Winding Way finishes in whatever aid he can give to the 4423 and leaves for Shashta.
29THAfter a few days of careful travel, the Winding Way docks at Shashta to access and repair damages, as well as to pick up a few new passengers and crewmates.


5THThe 4423 arrives in Trewe for repairs after finally being able to get the ship up in the air again and docks there for repairs.
7THAfter a radio message from one of the Colonels there, the Victoria II docks in Clairborne in order to fix their own ship and also help solve the case of the missing scouts at the same time.
9THThe reports from the pilots have arrived, and its official: there are zombies heading towards Claiborne. The whole of Victoria II immediately snaps into action to defend themselves and the city.
10THAs the zombies advance upon the city and the barricade surrounding it, the crew struggles to push back the horde.
13THWith the captain in a huge debt and having no way to pay the fees to fix their broken ship, the crew of the Winding Way decide to host a fair to gain some cash... with many unimaginable results.
14THWeighed down and held up by the worker's strikes, the crew of the Silvana begins to load up their own cargo.
15THLikewise, the 4423's crew also start off to gain some dough to pay the fees needed to fix their own vessel.
15THTaking the day to finish loading their cargo and preparing whatever they can, the Silvana departs for Melior with the little fuel they have.
16THAfter helping the ground forces with clearing up most of the corpses, the Victoria II departs for Melior, the ship still in a somewhat rickety condition.
19THManaging to get their ship in proper order once again, the 4423 departs for an unknown destination.
20THSomehow managing to raise enough money to save their ship and pay for the repairs, the Winding Way begins preparations to locate the four-hundred year old lost play of Lord Avon.
23RDArriving in Melior, the crew of the Victoria II is given no reprieve as they are made to stay back for questioning in regards to the zombies and of the disappearances of Gumshoe, Kiros and Fran.


4THTired of his rambling, Sho and Ikkaku square off in Melior for all the wrong reasons.
5THGoing to Boston in the fall is apparently more than just a phrase, as the 4423 finally arrives at their destination after much secrecy and traveling - the Boston Black Market.
7THArriving upon the forested lands of Kagatau, the crew members of the Winding Way split into different groups and set off to locate the lost play of Lord Avon.
20THBoth the Victoria II and the Silvana find themselves suddenly under siege from the most unexpected adversary... mechanical robot spiders. Ones that seem to be intent in ripping open their engines.
20THAfter a brief reprieve from the aftermath of the attack, a giant mechanical spider rampages at downtown Melior before its shot down by the Silvana.
21STThe play found, the Winding Way now go en route to Melior to set up their latest play.
23RDWhile on the way back to Melior, Joshua and L meet up to hatch a plot in catching their wanted Lunasa bomber.
27THThe Silvana finish up with the last of their preparations and finally set off to aid the Montague, a crashed vessel in the Badlands.


1STEdgeworth calls Sho over to have a little chat on the 'date' the boatswain had with Ikkaku. Sho really doesn't have a choice either.
2NDThe crew of the Winding Way discover the person responsible for the setting the Lunasa bombs (Terrence Mann, a mechanic) onto their ship and surrender him to the authorities.
5THArriving in Melior, the crew of the Winding Way begin on their latest play - I Want To Be Your Canary.
6THJean Morris, one of the engineers of the Claudia Drive gets a call to go check out the engine while off-duty.
11THSho gets his just desserts - that is, in the form of von Karma and his taser.
11THIt's Jade's birthday, and Peony throws a party for this celebration. Drinks and food all around!
12THAfter preparation, rehearsals and hijinks, the play finally begins - I Want To Be Your Cannary takes the stage... starring Watanuki and Doumeki. Let the lulz commence.
13THAs the play finishes and the crew begins to wrap up their performance in Melior, Kurt Wagner delivers a shocking announcement - he's stepping down as Captain of the Winding Way.
14THAfter a brief scare and some snapping, the 4423 arrive at the destination of their odd job - somewhere rather far off Reial airspace - and promptly begin to look for what they need to find in the musty old shipwreck.
15THThe Silvana finally reaches where the wreckage of the Montague is and promptly begin their mission.
15THThe mission completed, the eleven survivors of the shipwreck are kept for questioning, much to the surprise of everyone.
16THDuring interrogation, Hitsugaya loses control of Hyourinmaru and rampages upon the ship; meanwhile, one of the survivors turns out to be the terrorist and tries to escape.
16THWith Kurt out as the Captain, its up to Vash again to take charge of the ship. Hopefully nothing's going to crop up this time.
17THWhile most of the crew is busy with the recent incident, a secret auction is held in the lower decks of the Silvana - and the items up for grabs are of the deceased mechanic's.
18THPassenger 'Joshua' Yoshiya Kiryuu has vanished from the Way, leaving only a note and some odd gifts to the stunned crew of the ship.
22NDAfter many mishaps, hijinks, side trips and other whatnots, the Victoria II is finally back in Bellicus, with a promotion ceremony on the way soon enough.
27THThe Winding Way docks at Colvus.
30THFormer boatswain Sho Minamimoto finally gets his punishment... and its Hijikata who has to deliver it.


1STShinjiro Aragaki, one of the people who got something from the auction (a box of Jean Morris's stuff), decides to show it to the first mate of the Silvana Susan Ivanova.
1STLuke fon Fabre obtains Jean Morris's journal and uses it, catching attention from the quartermaster Tear Grants who goes to question him.
3RDConvinced that Haruhi really is pregnant, Vash decides to search for the culprit - Hantarou - and hold a shotgun wedding for him. Things only get worse when the rest of the ship decides to see what's up.
4THAfter the failed attempt at a shotgun marriage between Haruni and Hanatarou, Vash's starving after staying the the brig for the whole day.
4THWith discussions and decisions made, the new captain of the Winding Way is approved - Ryuzaki Coil, otherwise known as L Lawliet.
5THThe whole network goes into an uproar over Joshua's Badfic of Epic Doom
5THLocating the former boatswain Sho Minamimoto, Kristoph begins the first phase of his schemes in order to overthrow Edgeworth. Though first he has to get Sho on his side.
6THAfter retrieving their cargo in the most unexpected way possible, the 4423 (plus Mew) arrive in Colvus.
8THThe promotion party for the officers of the Victoria II begins! Fun, drinks and snark all around. Whee.
9THThe Silvana docks into Garrettstown to rest for the holiday season, plus letting the passengers go after the whole fiasco.
10THJoshua reappears once again after the whole incident on the network... this time now, as a passenger on the esteemed Silvana.
THE LONG NIGHTAlex Rowe, captain of the Silvana, calls all the officers in the ship for a very important meetings. Things are going to be revealed.
THE LONG NIGHTThe Winding Way host their own Long Night party in Colvus. Expect loads of hijinks to commence.
THE LONG NIGHTIn where a scvanger hunt is conducted in Colvus - Gorobei-style. Let the trainwreck commence.
27THThe network goes crazy over the recent news over the disappearing islands around the continent - some join in the chaos, others partake from its fun.
31STTwo mysterious strangers named Holly and Doc swipe Mew from Isako while she's on the way to meet her client and attempt to escape in an air balloon. Crew members of the 4423 go to stop this catnapping, with some help from the residents of the Winding Way.
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