Official Takeover

Greetings from the new mods!

We're very excited to be taking over for the continuation of The Sky Tides, and while so far do not have quite everything planned out just yet, we've quite a lot of ideas we're very much looking forward to.

As the previous mods said, we do know that our game will be a continuation and not really a reboot, taking place almost exclusively on the new world below, possibly about a year or so after the cloud layer disperses. Players with existing characters who still wish to be in the game will have the option of keeping their CR or completely re-creating it, if they wish.

We'll be changing around a few of the ways that the game works, such as allowing players the options of action tagging for certain types of plots or posts. And we will probably be adding another community for journal entries, rather than have it be friends-list based. We are still working out the details, and we'll be sure to give out more information as we fine tune it.

That said, if you have an idea for plots or even the world below itself, feel free to send an e-mail to our new mod account, flyingsquidsohmy (at) gmail (dot) com. There will also be an anon-enabled, screened comment post up shortly for ideas, should you prefer that venue.

We look forward to being your mods!
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Official Handover

We’ve given it more thought, and we’ve decided to hand TST over to Moria and Molly! They’ve been both enthusiastic and dependable while they’ve been in game, and they have some solid ideas on where to take it from here. As of now they plan on doing a continuation in the world below, and soon they’ll talk more in depth about their own ideas. The rest of the modteam, meanwhile, will be stepping down, though Levi and Krystal will help them out with plotting and planning for a short while.

Soon they’ll be making their own announcement, and we wish them the best of luck. Thanks to everyone for their comments and insight, and the care everyone’s given over the past three years.
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About the Future of TST

Hello, The Sky Tides! The mods would like to thank each and every player we've had for making the game a success! That said, this post is about the future of the game. In the past, people talked about the possibility of a reboot, and recently some other players have mentioned their own continuation. Since it seems that everybody has their own ideas about where to take TST, we've realized that passing the game on was a bit more difficult than we imagined, so we'd like to hear everybody's opinion on this. Everyone in the game, including former players, are invited to participate in this discussion.

Some discussion topics include:

  • Whether you would like a continuation or a reboot of the game.
  • Who is interested in becoming moderators for a new game.
  • The possibility of multiple branchoff games
  • If you have another topic you would like to bring up, feel free to do so.

    Remember that none of this is set in stone - interest in either becoming a moderator or even a continuation/reboot does not guarantee that any of it will happen for sure.
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    The State of Reial

    Now that the world has been saved, it's time to pick up the pieces. All the nations of the world are collaborating on an international expedition below the continent, focused on exploration and diplomacy. This will be open to both civilians and those associated with the military and international governments.

    However, for those not interested in bringing their characters below (or at least, not immediately), various nations will be working on reform to take out the trash Denouement and the Philosophers left behind. There's also the possibility of the Badlands gaining more freedom while the big nations focus on their own problems.

    We tried not to be too specific, in case these issues are handled in future continuations of the game, but we hope this is enough information to give characters a satisfactory epilogue - or maybe a starting point for future plots.
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    And so the curtain falls

    We're sorry that it's taken so long to get to, but the game's now entering its very final phase. Bradley is dead, the giant monsters are dead, and the swarms of nihilistic magical girls have been subdued and taken into custody. Sadly, the victory came at great cost, and among the fallen is Optimus Prime, the noblest Autobot to ever walk the surface of Reial.

    Still, life must continue, and with the chaos in the badlands put to rest, all three ships will be heading for the edge of the world for one final party log, celebrating their victory and the fact that they're still alive.

    And that's not the only thing. In a somewhat delayed response to the Convoy killing that giant snake, the cloud covering surrounding Reial has dissipated, revealing a whole new world below them! From the party's location, they'll have a great view of the vast expanse of land beneath them, making it a great conversation piece.

    Enjoy your final celebration, because once it's done, the game will be closing for good. Players will, of course, be able to continue old logs after that time, though, so don't go off in a panic, thinking you have to finish your threads right this instant.

    Any questions you may have can be asked in the comments!
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    Informational post RE: the Convoy's next move

    Congratulations, guys, you have one very large, very dead snake draped across roughly 2/3 of the continent.

    Collapse )

    Disposing of the snake corpse will have to be someone else's job: there are more pressing problems. While Serenity is going to Garrettstown, the Convoy is going south toward Shashta and Claiborne (where the red, orange and green dots are) to fight the fal'Cie and, for those who aren't fighters or would just rather help out peacefully, taking in refugees and providing humanitarian aid. There will be an IC announcement and logs up soon, so keep your eyes open.

    Oh, and Sam Linnfer doesn't seem to have made it back to the ship...
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    Further plot information

    After some consideration, we've decided ot put the logs off for a day or two longer in order to allow characters more time to plot ICly. On that note, here's some more information where in the Badlands the main attacks are happening.

    Collapse )

    The three dots at the bottom signify different fal'cie heading towards Badlands settlements. There are two converging on Shashta from the south and the north, between the mountains, while another heads towards Claiborne. The purple color represents experimental children from Kaoru's lab. A small group is near Garrettstown to cause a distraction, while others are traveling down the mountains to disturb the fault line. Meanwhile, there are magical disturbances in both the mines of Nahk and the city of Kropmork, which pretty much have the same effect as their usual Long Night disturbances. While it doesn't directly affect the Badlands plot, it will have an affect on communications and ship travel around Erealia, Bydan, and Badlands settlements near the rim of the continent.

    What this means for the ships: basically, they have a choice of what location they can go to as a whole and what disasters to take care of. If characters want to face off against a specific threat that their ships may not be going against, mention it here and try to find a partner; ICly there are NPC ships and planes they can hitch a ride with. This can go for battles or aid. There will also be camps set up throughout the Badlands in relatively safe areas to keep refugees safe and provide healing for the wounded.

    Serenity's officers will post where they're going soon, though they won't mind characters going off in different areas. The Amestris, however, may be a bit more diplomatic about their location on account of their unique state of leadership right now. Post here for plotting, questions, or comments. We'll also be posting the results of Denouement locations soon for any characters interested in pursuing that.
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    Serenity and Amestris plot updates; further disasters ahoy!

    All right ladies and gents, it's the end of the world as we know it and far too many people have been left out of the impending apocalypse. Here's what's going on, and what the characters who haven't hitched a ride on a giant dragon can do about it.

    Collapse )

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    So, in short:

    -evil plots have been revealed

    -Bradley has gone AWOL

    -monsters have taken over the Badlands and any area with a large supply of mana crystals. Characters can either fight them on the ground or on NPC ships, or they can help save some people and coordinate things from the skies. Research and sneaky exploitation are also welcome, as are suggestions for anything else.

    Relevant logs will go up tomorrow. Any questions, comments, or concerns go here. We're in the final stretch, folks. Lets make it a good one.

    And here we go!

    The log for Serenity's warehouse raid is now up! Each team has its starting point - the hangar, main entrance and delivery entrance, respectively - and dorky team name.

    Because a lot of interactions - with Kaoru, for example - wouldn't make much sense with those three formats, there's a fourth thread, where all three groups meet in the middle. Anybody can post into that. Bear in mind, for timeline purposes, that the Hangar thread actually takes place slightly before the other two.

    You can feel free to glom into this thread even if you didn't sound off in the previous post! Just pick a group and roll with it.